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In the unpleasant event of a break in at your home or business, when the alarm goes off, the intruders are already inside your property. This, in effect, means it is a race between the intruders to grab what they can and the police to apprehend them.

Ultimately, it’s too late. Whether the police catch them or not doesn’t change the fact that they managed to break in. Damage, theft and feelings of insecurity are unavoidable. This is because traditional alarm systems use infra red to detect intruders, so the intruder has to be inside the property. As you can’t physically see them, the alarm could also be a bird, bat, cat or a curtain by an open window. False alarms also lower confidence in your alarm system.

Proactive Intelligent Security for Your Home

Our Approach

Mr Banks was using one the countries best Audio Visual company to fit out various aspects of the family home and the company (who partner with us for security) recommended speaking to Amax about what security systems could give the best early warnings. Amax visited Mr Banks and recommended a high definition CCTV system combined with ‘video analytics’. These systems don’t just trigger alarms, they can physically see potential threats around the boundaries, access roads and perimeter before they get near the property.This in effect creates a pro-active security system, identifying potential threats before incidents can occur.

The Solution

Specialist hi-definition cameras coupled with video analytics were designed and installed. This system not only monitors both inside and out, but can ‘see’ in the dark and analyse unusual behaviour. These systems were a perfect solution to automatically monitor the whole estate. Using mathematical tools, we calculated where cameras should be placed giving 360 degree coverage. The mathematical tool takes out all the guess work and calculates exactly where cameras should be placed to give optimum resolution and clarity, called ‘pixels on target’.

By using infrared technology with the hi-definition cameras, night vision is possible. This is the real difference. The ‘adaptive’ infrared allows clear monitoring of suspicious activity at very close or very far distances, meaning the image is always clear and at the right brightness. The cameras see all around in pitch darkness and feed images to the analytics. These video analytics features are powerful software algorithms which actually learn what your perimeter should look like. They soon identify the difference between an owl on your wall or a head looking over, a fox or someone crawling on the ground. If it’s unusual, a warning is created.

The Results

Mr Banks and his monitoring service can now SEE what is happening after an alert and take appropriate action. This catches potential intruders before they get near the property and eliminates false alarms. Careful position and configuring of cameras also monitors roads and tracks near the property for parked vehicles creating a proactive rather than reactive security system.

The systems are incredibly easy to use. Once set up, you can view all cameras at once, or flick between them with a touch screen or mouse. You can monitor the cameras from anywhere in the world over a Smartphone or device with an internet connection.

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