Wireless Network Professional Services

Predictive Survey

At Amax, we provide advanced predictive survey solutions to aid in the design and enhancement of your wireless network infrastructure. Utilising specialised software and industry-standard algorithms, a predictive survey constructs a digital model of your environment to simulate wireless coverage and performance. Our skilled team factors in various elements such as building layouts, materials, and RF interference to generate comprehensive predictive heatmaps and coverage models for your network rollout. This allows us to anticipate potential coverage deficiencies, pinpoint optimal access point placements, and tailor the configuration necessary for your wireless setup. With our predictive survey service, you can confidently strategise and deploy a resilient wireless network that delivers seamless connectivity, optimises signal strength, and aligns with your organisation’s specific needs.

APoS Survey

An Access Point on a Stick (APoS) Survey is a wireless site survey method where a wireless access point (AP) is mounted on an extended pole or ‘stick’ at its intended location and height. The surveyor moves around the designated area to gather data on wireless signal coverage and strength, validating the proposed wireless network design before installation commences. This approach proves beneficial when the RF antenna characteristics of an area are not well-understood.

Passive Survey

In our dedication to delivering dependable and effective wireless solutions, we present an all-encompassing wireless passive survey service. This survey is an essential component in enhancing your network’s efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Our experienced team employs advanced methodologies and tools to gather data on signal strength, coverage, interference, and other crucial factors without actively transmitting signals. Through thorough analysis of this data, we pinpoint weak signal areas, potential interference sources, and propose suitable remedies to enhance your network’s effectiveness. With our wireless passive survey, you can confidently make informed choices to enhance coverage, minimise downtime, and deliver an exceptional wireless user experience.

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