Healthcare Endrosed Equipment

Amax proud to be supplying qualified medical grade solutions and equipment.

Amax has diligently earned its status as certified providers of medical equipment through dedicated efforts. Among our valued clients are the above.

Comprehensive Medical-Grade IT Equipment: Our extensive product range includes a wide spectrum of medical-grade IT equipment, carefully selected to meet the unique demands of healthcare facilities, large or small. We provide the latest technology to support your critical healthcare tasks.

Our specialist vendors


Because keeping a hospital up and running requires a massive amount of reliable power, you need an essential electrical system that’s designed to help reduce energy costs, simplify maintenance and make it easier to comply with regulatory requirements. With leading-edge solutions, engineering services and longtime hospital electrical system expertise, Eaton can help ensure that critical power is always flowing where it’s needed.

Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite manufactures power protection, power supply and regulatory compliance solutions for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities worldwide. Medical-grade UPS systems, power strips and surge protectors, mobile power solutions, isolation transformers and USB chargers support a wide range of equipment and applications both inside and outside patient care vicinities.


Dell IT Trolleys are meticulously crafted for seamless integration with PCs or laptops in medical environments, rendering them invaluable assets for hospitals and various healthcare facilities.


Medical touch monitors provide easy to use platforms for accessing and updating electronic health record (EHR systems), managing patient requests and enabling better collaboration amongst interprofessional healthcare teams.

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